Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thank you Liz

    Life is short.  Don't take for granted those that you love. As Catholics, we accept death as part of our faith.  We all have a journey that God has put us on.  At the end of that journey, we will be reunited with him in His Kingdom.  
     My teenage children had an amazing youth group leader, and I had an amazing friend.  She was so amazing because, she treated them as if they were her own children; she loved them as they were. She accepted all kids regardless if they have special needs.  Having a special needs child that was so important to me.  She brought the best out in all those who were in youth group, and those who knew her. We will miss her. Regardless of what youth group my children end up at in the near future, or with another youth group leader, we were better for loving her. She made us better people for being part of her life.  It is better to loved and lost than not to have loved at all.  God Bless you, Liz.

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Governor and Voting

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