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Governor and Voting

I rarely put up political posts but today I will.  Today my son voted for the first time in our NJ primary for governor.  It has saddened me what this state has become.  More and more people like us are struggling to meet ends meet. We have been taxed with everything from gas to food.  I met an independent candidate that is neither Republican or Democrat.  To be honest as a tax payer, I am tired of the same old politicians making promises they cannot deliver on.  To be honest, I am very disappointed in what the Republican Party has become.
I have met Matt Riccardi, whom I plan to support and vote for governor in the general election.  His stance on many issues I agree with.  Tonight, I will focus on his education policies should he become governor. He believes in School choice.  School choice is one I believe in as a parent and a teacher. I have taught in many schools, but special needs students in particular should have the best means for an education. They are not getting it.  Havin…

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