Cancer diagnosis and life

It has been awhile almost two years.  Much has happened to bring me back to blogging.  My daughter graduated high school.  My son will be a senior this fall.  The latest my husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer on June 24, 2016. That was a wow moment.  He is still young.  My life took a whirl spin in one week.  Biopsy, oncologist visits, surgeon visit, discussing chemo and radiation therapies.  My heart dropped out somewhere and I went into adrenaline mode.  It is what I do when crosses are before us.  I never have time to think until after.  So my warrior is going through so much right now.  My children are adjusting.  We all are adjusting.  Crosses and life, we are survive through faith.  God is here helping us through this.  I feel him every moment lately.  He is here carrying us through this.



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