Thursday, June 1, 2017


Tomorrow my youngest will graduate from High School.  It has been a long journey.  We homeschooled for many years.  In the fall, a new chapter in my life starts--to be revealed later.  God put me on this journey, both my children did remarkably well, farther than the school district thought they ever would achieve.  Tears, sweat, therapies... They have come so much farther because God was always there in the trenches with us.  I will miss my homeschooling families, but God has something in store for me, that I didn't even realize until yesterday.  A new season of life is always scary at first, unless you hold on and just leap across the cliff, you will never know what wonderful things are in store for you there.  Congratulations to my son, the Eagle Scout, who graduates tomorrow.  College has so many wonderful things in store for you!  Take a hold of them and soar like I know you will.

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Governor and Voting

I rarely put up political posts but today I will.  Today my son voted for the first time in our NJ primary for governor.  It has saddened me...