Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Life Scout

I realized years ago the best thing, we did for my son was put him in Boy Scouts.  My son has autism and I never realized what a lifeline his troop is for him.  The past year he has grown up a lot.  At his graduation party, all these scouts were here.  I was watching my son come full circle.  All the therapies in the world couldn't do what this wonderful, amazing organization has done for my son. He has become a responsible young man.  I imagine homeschooling and therapy had something to do with it also.  Those many years ago as the doctors told me what he couldn't do.  I would have never thought I would be standing in this spot, watching this amazing young man talk about his Eagle Scout Project. In a world that was not welcoming for him, scouts welcomed him with open arms. He has had amazing, understanding leaders. I remember it like yesterday the doctor saying all he couldn't do and turning to the doctor saying so what can he do according to you?  That was the last time I saw them. For all those special needs parents, never believe what they tell you.  God has bigger plans for your children.  My son has overcome all those mountains they said he never would.  He has amazing mentors in scouts who encouraged him. I am his biggest fan and supporter and proud to call him my son.  Te amo, Luke.

Praising Him Joyfully,

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